Gush Etzion & Beit Shemesh
One of the most exciting and beautiful regions
to tour in Israel
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We will take you on a journey to one of the most magical areas of the country. Our speciality is to find the perfect blend of beauty, fun, and meaning to suit your groups needs!

Witness Thrilling History!

Bais Lechem
City of Kings & Tears
Mearas HaMachpela
Dovid & Goliath
Showdown in Emek HaElah
Adullam Cave
Yehuda Stumbles, Dovid Hides
Derech HaAvot
On the Road to the Bais HaMikdash
Bar Kochba Tunnels
Beitar & The Dream That Wasn't
Bar Kochba's Headquarters
Herod's Mountain
Shimshon, Chashmona'im & More
Great Fun!