Come on a hands on journey to Israel's battlefields from ancient to modern times.
Enjoy the thrill of learning to use a bow & arrow. Hear the history and meet Dovid's soulmate and expert marksman, Yehonason. The bow & Arrow adventure will hit the bulls-eye with every kind of group.
Keshet Yehonatan
Bow & Arrow
Learn how use the weapon of choice in ancient times, the long sword. We will take you through the swords history in Tanach and then get down to action... serious action!
Cherev Shaul
Master the Art of Longsword
Learn how to make and use an ancient slingshot, just like David used to slay Goliath!
Kelah David
Ancient Slingshot
Are you ready to shoot real machine guns? Learn anti-terror tactics and basic shooting techniques from trained soldiers.
Caliber 3
Anti Terror Shooting Adventure

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